“Kath , played by newer treasure on the American theatre scene , Caroline Langford , is charming and successfully annoying , as 1960's victim of family misogyny"

“Caroline Langford is bloody marvelous as Kath, the infantilized lady of the house, a mewling child-woman with a cotton-candy brain and a bosom full of desire who falls for her lodger's fictive tales of maternal abandonment and co-opts the position of mom, along with lusty and age-inappropriate seduction."
Backstage West

“The 40ish brother and sister (Ethan Flower, Caroline Langford) who angle for the same 20-year-old boy toy (Nicolas Levene) are scarily plausible in this savvy staging by Charles Marowitz
Los Angeles City Beat
“She is one of the biggest glamorous celebrities in the history of Israel."
(Ma’ariv Newspaper Israel)

“The highlight of the movie belongs to Caroline Langford, a veteran star, who is extremely experienced in this genre." (Ma’ariv Newspaper –Israel)

“Only Caroline Langford managed to make this movie worth seeing.“ (Jerusalem Post – Israel)

“ Caroline Langford has a natural sense of humor. Her entry into the local film industry is the best contribution to this movie." (La’esha Magazine – Israel)

“The ones who impressed me the most are Deana Barone and Vincent Piazza as Leah and Sam, and Caroline Langford as the eccentrically extroverted Dr. Roz." (Martin Denton,